Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Rest assured Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Soothsayer wants to get this out as soon as possible because so many have asked me to make the prediction. So I want this going out on Friday afternoon before the confirmation is done. Dragging some drunken history from 36 years ago into the present just does not work. Even the law wont work beyond 7 years except for murder. The truth is

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Donald Trump Will Be Around For Quite A While

Donald Trump Set For Re-Election With Tony Schwartz, co-author of Donald Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’ prediction that President Trump will not finish his first year Soothsayer has decided to tell the future again so that people can rest easier. I was the first and only one to predict Trump would win the presidency and now I will stand and tell you Tony Schwartz is not a fortune teller

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Soothsayer Predicts the Winner of Presidential Elections

Will it be Clinton, the mass media favorite, or will it be Trump? Soothsayer takes the risk of predicting Trump will win and win strong. He will rob Clinton of everything she desired in what will become the exposure of corrupt media, corrupt government, banker interference in government and saving our nation. Make America great again and let’s get on with it. Let’s hope he does sit down with Russia,

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Free Horoscopes are Back Again

Free Horoscopes are back again at Soothsayer. We finally reinstated the free horoscopes so people could come daily and get help. The horoscopes for the day, week, or month and includes love and Career readings too! You can find all kinds of information. Select a reading for today and see what you should do about that job. Select a reading for the month to see how your love life will

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Soothsayer Tops 90% Accuracy for 2015 Predictions!

Soothsayer Tops 90% Accuracy for 2015 Predictions! While no one can really be proud of the outcomes from 2015 Soothsayer predicted 9 out of 10 correct. 1) The year saw continued wars and attacks based on religion. The USA and its’ allies continued to fund the Islamic State and give covert aid. The USA and NATO continued to surround Russia. Finally all this has contributed to the hatred of diverse

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2015 Predictions and hororscopes

Top Ten Predictions for 2015

Happy New Year to you all.

In the coming year we can depend that this will be a year to remember as our lives change into new directions.

1) Regrettably the world will continue to experience wars based on religion. The USA will continue to fund the rising Islamic tide and to surround the Soviet Union. This will continue to percolate hatred and activities that will cut into your privacy and lives.

2) Oil prices will continue to stay low and we will all have more money to spend on other things.